Dr. Smith’s passion for dentistry allowed him to realize that one field of study was not enough, so he sought out a program that would be both challenging and allow him training from multispeciality doctors. Realizing they were very few that offered this specific type of training, he applied and matched at one of the top programs in the US, which did offer the caliber of training he sought. Dr. Smith furthered his education at the University of Texas Health Science Center where he received training in an Advanced Dental Residency. This residency differed from many of it’s kind due to many of his trainers being leaders, lecturers, and pioneers in the dental field of research and in advanced and complex dentistry. Daily he worked on medically compromised, fearful, precise and top notch patients. The program’s minimum requirement was to treat patients on the same level as a specialist. People need a dentist with training in more than one discipline or specialty to receive the maximum treatment they deserve, which was why a formal training was needed and paramount to this philosophy and quality of service and care. This is the training that Dr. Smith received, which has also allowed him to be trusted by so many fellow dentists to treat their most precious patients, whom they wouldn’t trust to just anyone. Since becoming a Doctor of Dentistry Dr. Smith has had the opportunity to polish and perfect his skills in oral surgery, periodontal surgery, IV sedation, implantology, prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, restorative, and endodontics on thousands of patients. Daily Dr. Smith is referred by several dental offices and specialists to provide care to medically compromised, mentally challenged, complex, esthetic, surgical and restorative patients.