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Doctor Darius Smith DDS, primary focus is to help private practices reach peak performance by assisting in complex dental procedures. Doctor Darius personalizes all treatment by using traditional and advanced procedures, with evidence-based results and the understanding that every patient’s smile is unique and at times a special touch is needed in order to have the best results. This means doing more than just helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, but also to help you maintain optimal oral hygiene and health. Doctor Darius also mentors, teaches, and provides training to his colleagues and other dental professionals. His experience, dedication and gentle approach help to ensure patients experience a difference that will be appreciated for years to come.

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What you should know about IV Sedation

Many patients fear going to the dentist, and they avoid dental care due to anxiety, which can have serious oral health and overall health consequences. As more and more dentists realize that patients are avoiding care due to fear and anxiety, new dental options, such as IV sedation dentistry and other types of sedation dentistry have become quite popular.

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